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        1. A Strategic and Digital
          Marketing Agency

          Windward Integrated Marketing
          Developing & Implementing Powerful Marketing
          Strategies To Gain a Tactical Advantage
          Over Your Competition

          Coaching & Consulting Packages

          For DIY business owners who take a hands-on approach to their marketing but would like the help from an on-call – knowledgeable marketing expert to keep informed, on-target with the latest marketing trends and to discuss marketing direction.

          Packages Begin at $250 / mo

          Growth Package

          For new and small business owners who need the support of a marketing professional to consult with, to implement marketing strategies and initiatives, but do not have the marketing budget and resources of a larger business.

          Packages Begin at $300 / mo

          Enhanced Growth Package

          For new and small business owners who value the advice and expertise of a marketing agency, and want a partner that can advise them of the best marketing strategies and packages to grow their businesses, and can also implement them efficiently and effectively.

          Packages Begin at $1000 / mo

          Windward Integrated Marketing
          Marketing Knowledge Equals Marketing Power

          Windward Integrated Marketing believes that knowledge is power. We are a digital marketing agency that partners with new businesses, small and medium sized businesses to design, develop and implement custom marketing plans and campaigns to help take their businesses to the next level.

          Marketing is dynamic, energetic, ever changing and complicated. It takes a dedicated team of tacticians and strategists at the helm of your marketing programs to keep your company at the forefront and ahead of your competition.

          With a background steeped in digital media and strategic marketing planning, our team delivers targeted marketing plans, digital, online and content marketing services, social media marketing planning and services, content development, consulting and coaching, branding, web site design and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services.

          Marketing Solutions Customized for Your Business

          Providing unique solutions for all your marketing challenges. There are no one size fits all marketing solutions, each business has its own unique challenges. We develop and provide?complete marketing solutions, from strategic planning, to inbound marketing strategies including implementation.

          Our goal has always been to help our clients promote and grow their businesses. Our team of highly experienced and dedicated professionals has a wide array of talents that we can bring to the table to help you effectively market your business. Whether it’s developing a detailed marketing plan, brand development, responsive web design, search engine optimization, digital online marketing, blogging, eNewsletters,social media and mobile marketing, we will implement the best strategies to grow your business, while getting the best value for your marketing dollars.

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          For the most part, Windward Integrated Marketing’s clients begin their marketing efforts with a strategic marketing plan that we create and implement. The strategic marketing plan is designed to provide a solid foundation to both brand and grow their businesses.

          Whether you need a comprehensive marketing plan or simply need an experienced consultant to advance your marketing strategies, Windward Integrated Marketing will consult with you to help perfect your ideas, and to build and execute solid marketing campaigns.




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